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Peer-to-peer communication continues to be one of the most powerful and influential means for businesspeople to exchange information. It’s one of the reasons social media has taken hold. It’s also the guiding principle of SECURITY SALES & INTEGRATION: providing an open forum for security professionals to share best practices, opportunities, challenges and solutions. This approach – which has helped build credibility and reader loyalty – today encompasses print, online, multimedia and in-person.

To further advance that mission, SSI has launched Security Speaking, a weekly podcast featuring leading executives and experts discussing success secrets, industry issues and more. At about 10 minutes long, these audio segments are brief enough to fit into your hectic day but also substantive enough to be interesting, informative and beneficial.

How much value does Security Speaking offer? Hearing is believing, but to whet your appetite I present some choice excerpts here from four recent episodes. The participants: SSI Editorial Advisory Board members John Jennings (Safeguard Security), Jim Henry (Henry Bros.), Eric Yunag (Dakota Security) and Mike Jagger (Provident Security).

Jennings on overcoming a tough economy: “We are moving toward fire system testing and inspections. We are growing that business significantly. We’ve had to retool and take a different direction and focus on rebuilding our RMR base and adding things like Total Connect from Honeywell, and other services like remote video. We are going back to our existing clientele and milking our own cows. It’s not growing as it used to because people don’t have the discretionary income anymore. Unfortunately, I see more of the same for 2011.”

Henry on petrochemical (CFATS) opportunities: “CFATS needs to be driven harder from DHS in regards to compliance. Unless there are very rigid requirements that establish what Tier 1 through Tier 4 companies need to deploy, they are going to move as slowly as they possibly can. That’s just human nature. Hopefully those requirements will become more empirical and the motives will be put in place. Companies spend money for one of two reasons, either there is an ROI or there is a required compliance. We all look forward to CFATS instituting the kind of standards and reporting requirements we have seen in fire.”

Yunag on new sales strategies: “We’ve adapted our sales approach to get away from the promotion of products and demonstrate more value at the beginning and end of the customer relationship, with assessments and consultation on the front side and managed services and deeper support on the backside. We talk about the entire lifecycle of security and what it actually takes to deliver security beyond just turning the screws in the wall. It’s definitely a cultural challenge and something we are working at on a daily basis.”

Jagger on creative marketing: “Our marketing is based on the idea that the service we sell is based on trust, and customers are only going to pay for our services if they trust us. They are not going to come to trust us by hearing from us directly. It’s ultimately word of mouth referrals. So all our marketing is built around how we can make it easy for other people to tell our story. And now social media has become one more way to do that. Twitter, in particular, has helped spread the word about things we have done and services that have helped other people.”

I hope you make listening to Security Speaking part of your weekly routine. And I look forward to seeing many of you at ISC West (SSI’s booth is No. 2055), including two events I am hosting: the Hall of Fame and SAMMY Awards on April 5, and “Video Analytics and Content Analysis” session on April 7.

Published March 7, 2011 · Security Sales & Integration · Written by Scott Goldfine

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