Switching To Provident

Re-programming most alarm systems to communicate with our Kerrisdale Operations Centre rather than your existing provider is a lot simpler than most people think. In most cases, we can get you on board with our service within a couple of hours.

The simplest way to know where you stand is to have one of our security professionals come to your home or business and take a look at your existing system. Within just a few minutes we can tell you whether or not we can take over your system as-is or whether certain upgrades must be made in order to get brought online with Provident.

You do not need to replace your entire system

Well, at least 95% of the time you won’t. We can work with the vast majority of alarm equipment that has already been installed in people’s homes and businesses. In just about every case, if your motion detectors, door contacts, glassbreaks and other alarm devices are hard-wired (as opposed to wireless) chances are that if an upgrade is required, we only need to install a new control panel (the brains of the system) and keypad in order to get your alarm up-to-date. In fact, even if you have wireless devices, there are still many systems that we can re-program and bring on-line easily.

Just signed a long term contract with someone else?

If you are at the beginning of a long term contract with another monitoring provider, Provident can provide response-only service whereby you give instructions to your current provider to call us. While we cannot control how quickly other monitoring stations will contact us after an alarm, we will still provide our guaranteed five minute response service from the time that your existing provider advises us of an emergency in your home.

Provident is your best choice.

Only Provident provides 24/7 monitoring that is based in Kerrisdale. When you sign up with us, we are not selling your contract, outsourcing your monitoring to a third-party or doing anything else behind the scenes that you don’t know about. We’re local and approachable. Most importantly, we are accountable.

See what our clients have to say about switching to Provident

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