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Construction site theft

Metal theft has become a big problem at construction sites with thieves stealing metal wire. metal tools…. even appliances.

Broadcast August 25, 2011 · Global News · Reported by Anne Drewa

VIDEO: Shop owners want shoplifting crackdown

Some Vancouver shop owners say police aren’t doing enough to stop chronic shoplifters from stealing from them, the CBC’s Maggie Zelaya reports.

Published July 19, 2011 · CBC News · Written by Maggie Zelaya

Provident Security’s Unique Marketing Tactics Win Thousands of Customers

From responding onsite to alarms in five minutes or less to pet care, Provident Security has earned thousands of loyal customers by delivering exceptional service and unique services. The company, led by one of the industry’s most unconventional entrepreneurs, is saluted as an SSI 2011 Installer of the Year.

Published July 4, 2011 · Security Sales & Integration · Written by Scott Goldfine

Metal Thieves

CTV visits Provident’s Kerrisdale Operations Centre to learn how Provident NightOwl Remote Video Alarms work.

Broadcast June 29, 2011 · CTV News · Reported by Brent Shearer