Beyond Security

Thoughtful integration. Customized. Simple.

When renovating or building a home, there are multiple trades involved. With an integrated security or automation system as part of the project, there are more than a few ways for miscommunication and misunderstandings to get in the way.

Provident can simplify the process by installing much more than just your security system. We can install and fully integrate your home network, audio, heat and lighting systems. In fact, every single wire in your home, both low and line voltage, can be installed and managed by Provident.

Not only does this reduce the number of trades involved on the installation side, thus reducing time and expense, it also means that there is only one number to call post installation when you wish to adjust, modify or expand any systems during, or years after, the initial installation.

As homes become more “wired”, they can often become more complicated for homeowners. By fully integrating a home’s systems, we ensure that clients of all ages are able to use their homes without frustration… well beyond the initial installation.

Thoughtful Integration

We design systems that are simple enough for a first time houseguest to use. No training required. When you disarm the alarm, the lights and music will turn on and the thermostat will adjust to the selected temperature that you’ve set. Even easier, by using an electronic deadbolt, an access code unlocks the door and disarms the alarm, eliminating the need for keys. For maximum security, upon your request, door codes may be added or deleted remotely by Provident 24 hours a day.

We use home automation to help simplify, not complicate, your life.


lightsRather than running around the house turning lights on or off, Provident can help set ‘scenes’ based on the time of day, season or alarm setting.

Integrated lighting eliminates ‘wall acne’ caused by too many switches. It also ensures that energy is not wasted. When you arm the alarm, every light in the house that you want off will turn off automatically.

Lighting should be simple enough for a houseguest to be able to intuitively push the right button to turn a light on or off, but smart enough to be controlled centrally so that every light in the home can be set to a specific dimming level with a single click on an iPad or by disarming the alarm.


We make listening to music anywhere in your home simple. Properly chosen & installed speakers ensure that you can have music where you want, when you want it.

Garden Rock SpeakersProvident offers a full range of distributed audio systems. From simple ceiling or wall speakers to completely concealed speakers behind your drywall and rock speakers hidden in your garden, Provident can install whatever your wishes and needs.

Whether you want to play your iTunes music, listen to the Canucks or Lions game audio or stream music from your guest’s smartphone, Provident installs audio systems that provide all of the features you need, without the over the top cost and complexity of other stand-alone systems.

Best of all, your music distribution will be directly integrated to your Provident security system. When you arm the alarm, the music will turn off. When you come home, the music will play. Want to blast the music any time the alarm is tripped? We can make that happen too.

Whatever you can think of, we can make it happen. Without breaking the bank.

Every single wire in your home…

Provident can manage the installation of all of your internet, cable, telephone, lighting and electrical wiring in addition to security, cameras and audio. Once installed, we’ll take full responsibility for every system in your home and our support team is available 24 hours a day.termostat display.001

We want you to be our client, not a hostage. That’s why we do not use proprietary equipment that limits your service provider options. It’s why we provide complete documentation for all of the work we’ve done, and it’s why we never, ever lock out your equipment.


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