Core Values

What makes Provident ‘Provident’?

A large part of what makes Provident unique is our commitment to living our core values in everything that we do. Our core values are the framework upon which our team member training is based as well as form the foundation of our client service philosophy.

Our core values are:

  • We can do that
  • Build client trust & confidence with every interaction
  • There is always room for improvement
  • We are each responsible for our own experience
  • Create community value

We can do that…

Provident is a service company first and a security company second. Since we began in 1996, Provident has earned a strong reputation for going above and beyond. If a client needs it done, we will take care of it. Whether it is a state of the art alarm system or their laundry picked up right away, we can do that. Whatever opportunity arises that will allow us to impress our client and offer real value, whether security related or not, we can do that.

Build client trust & confidence with every interaction…

Every interaction we have with our clients is an opportunity to build trust. Whether on the phone, during an installation or service call, responding to an alarm, directing traffic or simply being seen in the community, EVERY interaction is an opportunity for us to increase our clients trust and confidence in Provident. All of the small things matter. Every interaction is an opportunity; let’s always make the best of each one.

There is always room for improvement…

No matter how well things are working, there are always ways that we can improve. Everything is open for re-evaluation. Whether that means new technology, procedures or processes, we can always improve things for our own team members as well as our clients. If you have an idea for how we can make things better, in any respect, speak up! Nothing is sacred and nothing should be considered “good enough”.

We are each responsible for our own experience…

Whether we operate from the standpoint of earning or entitlement, have a victim’s mentality or a survivor’s, whether we approach our day as someone who is in control of themselves or not – we are each responsible for, and in control of, our own experience. Never complain about anything unless you have an idea for how to fix the problem. Present suggestions & solutions, not empty complaints that do not offer any value. Work to improve your experience at Provident and Provident will work with you.

Create community value…

Every community and neighbourhood that we serve should be impacted in a positive way by Provident. Whether that means sponsoring a little league team or helping to change a flat tire for a stranded motorist, opportunities present themselves every day. Whether someone is a client or not, is there something that we could do to help them out? We have a responsibility to seek out and be a part of every opportunity to support our community to the best of our ability.