The Giant Provident Security Inflatable Slide is Available for Community Events this Summer…

Although we got rained out a couple times in May, the Provident slide has already had a busy spring/early summer.

The slide was up for Kerrisdale Days in April, the St. George’s School Fair in May, the BC Children’s Hospital Childrun last weekend and several other community events in between.

Coming up, we’ve got a number of private events for neighbourhood blockwatch parties as well as at several larger community events like the Kerrisdale Little League wrap-up party this weekend and the August version of Kerrisdale Days. A few kids were fortunate to have their parents bid on the slide at charity auctions this past year, so we’ll also be setting up at a couple private birthday parties as well.

At 3 stories high, the giant inflatable Provident Security slide is hard to miss. If you’re involved in a community event that could use a giant slide, please get in touch with us…

Click below to watch a video clip showing how the slide gets inflated… It starts off as 1,300lbs of rolled-up vinyl that is about the size of a smart-car and takes about 15 minutes to become fully inflated.

There are only a few ground-rules to getting the slide out to your event:

  1. The slide is available for any non-profit community event happening West of Oak Street in Vancouver.
  2. While Provident will provide the slide for free, event organizers are responsible for transportation and insurance costs (Typically about $250 – $350 depending on the event details).
  3. The slide can only be used in dry weather.
  4. A minimum number of volunteers must be on-hand at all times that the slide is up.

If you are interested in requesting the slide to be at your event, please click here to let us know about your event and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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