Southlands Burglary

Click on the video below to watch CCTV footage from a residential burglary in Southlands last week.

Other than the fact that this burglary occurred on a Sunday afternoon, the balance of it occurs exactly as I’ve described in my post about the typical residential burglary…

When you watch the video, notice how much time was spent by the crooks before actually kicking in the front door. The first of the three crooks goes to the front door and rings the bell a few times, knocks on the door and then looks through a few windows before going back to the car to let the other two know that the house is empty.

All three burglars put on gloves and walk together to the front door, again checking through the windows.

The front door gets kicked in on the first try and they all run into the house.

Luckily, in this case, the burglars did not get anything of value in the home because other security measures had been taken to slow them down once inside.

You can also see several people walking and jogging past the house just as the burglars are making their getaway.

There were at least three burglaries in Southlands on the 25th… most likely by these same three guys. If you recognize anyone in the video, please give us a call at 604.664.1087 or call the VPD at 604.717.3321

This video is a good reminder of the fact that there isn’t much that you can do to make it physically impossible to break-in. If someone really wants to get in, they can. The most important security consideration is to five minute proof your home and belongings so that, in the event that someone does try to get in, it will take them at least five minutes (from the time the alarm first sounds) to get their hands on what you are trying to protect.

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Here are a few still frames of the three burglars in the video… please forward this post on to anyone who think might recognize one, or all, of them.

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