Shaughnessy Burglary

Early Monday morning, our response team was dispached to another burglary in Shaughnessy that was almost as bizarre as the one reported in my earlier post about the naked father chasing a burglar out of his home who had climbed into bed with his daughter (which was not a Provident client).

At approximately 3:30am Monday, the residents of a home near West 32nd and Granville were awakened by the sound of a man banging and kicking at their back door. While one of the occupants in the home was able to quickly call 911, the man broke through the back door and proceeded directly to the living room… where he lay down on the sofa and tried to get to sleep.

As soon as the door was opened, an alarm signal was sent to our central monitoring station in Kerrisdale and our response team was onsite within four minutes. The Police also arrived very quickly and arrested the man who did not make any real attempt to leave the home in advance of either our, or the Police arrival.

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