Renovating? Put your smokes on test!

SmokeOver the past few weeks, we have received several fire alarms from people’s homes and dispatched the Fire Department only to find out that the alarm was caused by contractors working on site.

Dust, and certainly smoke, will cause your smoke detector to trip. Unlike other devices on your system (motion detectors, door contacts, glassbreaks, etc.), you cannot bypass any fire zones from your keypad.

If you are having any work done, please call us at 604.664.1087 and request that we put your fire zones on “Test” for the hours of the day that work is being done. This will ensure that we do not dispatch the Fire Department needlessly.

Upon receipt of any fire alarm, we dispatch the Vancouver Fire Department immediately. Once they have been sent, the Fire Department WILL NOT cancel a response.

You will not be charged for the Fire Department’s response but we are committed to ensuring they are not unnecessarily dispatched.

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