Provident in the Sun Today

Vansundec222006There were two stories published in the Vancouver Sun this morning that included Provident.

The first, What’s under the tree can attract a very un-merry break-in, talks about how Christmas time is a particularly bad time for break-ins.

The second, Security firm does more than monitor alarm, talks about our remote access management services and how we can lock or unlock doors for clients from our Operations Centre in Kerrisdale (as well as provide a long list of other remote services). We have clients who utilize this service in Seattle, Toronto, Calgary, Victoria, Kelowna and many other places in between. One of our Abbotsford based clients, Dwayne Stewart from Pacific Rim Services was quoted in the story talking about how we remotely unlock doors for his staff to get access to equipment in the middle of the night.

I mentioned the need for this type of service in apartment buildings in a post several months ago after a Vancouver Police Officer wrote a column in the Province complaining about how many security systems in apartment buildings make it very hard for the Police and other emergency responders to get inside quickly.

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