Provident recognized for Best Website in the security industry

On April 1st, Security Sales & Integration Magazine hosted the 13th Annual SAMMY Awards at the International Security Conference in Las Vegas.

Provident won the SAMMY for Best Website.

This was the 6th time that Provident has been nominated, and the 2nd time that we have won a SAMMY. Provident was one of only two Canadian security companies to be awarded.

Our website was designed by Jeff Joseph and took many months of design, planning and filming. We were so pleased with Jeff that we hired him on full-time to join our web development team… where he is working hard along with Ryan and Jerry to ensure that Provident’s IT systems and web development are always getting better.

Jeff did an incredible job (and still is) on the site and we are very proud to have him on the team. Jeff is standing in the middle of the back row in the picture on the right.

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