Provident Goes to Whistler…


Several years ago, a Vancouver client was very persistent in asking that we take over the alarm service & monitoring of their Whistler home. We obliged and quietly accepted a few more requests like that one.

What began as a favour for one long-standing client  has grown into Provident serving several dozen Whistler clients who already rely on us to provide exceptional service to them in Vancouver.

In order to do that, we have worked closely with Dow Security, a local Whistler company, who have provided alarm response service and emergency service for alarm systems on our behalf.

We’re proud to announce that on August 31st, we purchased Dow Security Inc., which will soon be re-branded as Provident Security (Whistler) Corp.

Purchasing Dow made a lot of sense for us. Not only did Dow provide sub-contracted services for Provident in Whistler, they also looked after several dozen other Provident clients directly. They have a similar client base to our Vancouver clients and a similar customer service philosophy.

With the integration of Dow, Provident is now Whistler’s largest home security company… and the only Whistler based firm with its own 24/7 central monitoring station.

In addition to the ‘basic’ alarm monitoring & response services, we will be rolling out several other services tailored specifically to Whistler homes. For example, integration of thermostats to allow for remote control of heating/cooling from an iPhone or Blackberry. This means you can start heating your home (or driveway) in Whistler while you pull out of your garage in Vancouver on Friday afternoon.

We will also be expanding our HomeWatch service to include patrols of  homes to meet clients’ insurance requirements and to ensure that everything that is supposed to happen (or not happen) is happening.

We are excited to have a permanent Provident home in Whistler. While there are many changes to be implemented (such as our key control, response reporting, paperless processes and other systems), we are fortunate to be adding a great company, with a great group of people, to the Provident team.



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