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We just loaded a new video on our website that explains how our BLINK monitoring service works (click on the image above to get to the video).

As I have mentioned in a few previous posts (here and here), we have had tremendous success with the launch of the BLINK network in Vancouver and are receiving alarm signals within a couple of seconds (rather than in almost a minute from traditional alarm systems that are using telephone lines).

In fact, the vast majority of BLINK signals are actually arriving within ONE SECOND… which is faster than we reference in this video.

One of the major points in the video is that the BLINK network does not have a single point of failure. Every installed BLINK radio can communicate with more than a dozen other installed BLINK radios at anytime. There are no towers or central antennas installed in the coverage areas (unlike a cellular phone network)… every single BLINK radio acts as a repeater on the network, creating a virtual web and multiple communication paths for each alarm system.

Jeff Joseph did all of the work on this video, including designing and building every frame of the motion graphics.

Jeff did a great job designing the graphics to explain how the BLINK network works… and explaining why BLINK is so much better than relying on a regular telephone line for alarm signal transmission.

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