Man in Germany stops burglary at his house in Brazil using CCTV system

Here is a link to a story published yesterday about a man traveling in Germany who was able to watch crooks breaking into his home in Brazil over the Internet and coordinate Police response.

The camera system at his beach house in Brazil was set to alert him when any motion was sensed. When he got the alert, he logged onto his laptop and was able to see exactly what was happening in his home thousands of miles away.

This is a very similar story to a recent attempted burglary near 37th & Granville that I posted about where a client was similarly alerted and able to call the Vancouver Police… who subsequently responded and arrested two men just as they were trying to smash a window to gain entry.

It is also the same technology that we use in our own building to protect our vehicles, generator and office. Please give us a call or email if you are interested in coming by for a demonstration to see exactly how this works.

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