Kerrisdale Tagger Update

It only took about 36 hours after posting the video footage of a tagger working in Kerrisdale to confirm who he is. We’ve got a meeting set-up with the tagger, his parents and the police next week to discuss restitution to the Kerrisdale Business Association and individual businesses who had their property damaged.

Thank you very much to those that called and/or emailed us about it.

This incident is a great reminder for kids, or anyone thinking about doing something stupid, about how quickly you can get caught if there is a video camera in place. It’s also a reminder that when you are walking down an alley and think that no one is watching you… you are probably wrong. There are more and more CCTV systems being installed every day. In fact, in almost every commercial security installation we do now, cameras are a major component.

The major difference now, is that with the internet, and YouTube and Facebook in particular (which is where the original post with the video was widely shared), distribution of that video becomes very easy…. it doesn’t take long for someone to watch the video who recognizes the tagger, crook, burglar or whomever.

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