“Indecent Acts” in Kerrisdale

The Vancouver Police have let us know about two recent incidents that have occurred in Kerrisdale involving a white male in his mid 30’s, with dark brown hair, exposing himself.

The first incident was on September 25th at 10:30am on the 6400 block of East Boulevard where a woman observed a white male, completely unclothed (and busy) standing along the East side of East Boulevard at West 48th Avenue.

The second incident occurred on October 3rd on the 2300 block of West 43rd at approximately 11:30pm, when a woman was walking home to her apartment. When the woman was walking up the stairs to her suite, she looked back and saw a male who was covering his face with one hand and exposing himself (busy again). The male did not attempt to get into the building.

The vague description of the male in both cases is similar, and I think it would be fair to assume that it was likely the same person in both incidents. Both women reported that they felt that these incidents were not targeted, but opportunistic.

The only other information provided was that the suspect did not appear to be a street person.

All of our response and patrol teams in the area have been made aware of these incidents. Should you observe any suspicious activity, please call 911 as well as let our team know at 604.269.9999

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