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Christyclarkshowicon_2On Monday, I was a guest on the Christy Clark show on CKNW … talking about how five minute proofing is the most effective strategy for reducing your risk of a burglary.

We also talked about how the typical residential burglary occurs as well as some of the common problems with most alarms. We also talked a little about BLINK mesh radio and other alternative alarm signal transmission methods.

If you would like to listen to the whole interview click here… if you would like to download the audio file so that you can listen to the show over and over and over again on your iPod (or even just once) click here. … both audio files are a little slow loading… sorry, we’re working on that to see if we can speed it up a bit.

For those that would rather read about most of the topics discussed during the show, here are links to some of the relevant posts from this blog that I talked about while on the show…

  1. Why Millions of Home Alarms are Useless
  2. Your Security is in your Redundancy
  3. Securing Your Plasma TV
  4. Securing your single hung windows or sliding doors
  5. Securing your yard

There are many other simple things that you can do to reduce your risk of a burglary… Many of them are listed in dozens of other posts that are listed in the ‘Home Security Tips’ category.

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