Touring the Provident Security Operations Centre in Kerrisdale

Given that the majority of our new clients come to us AFTER they’ve been the victim of a burglary (and learned that the security they thought they had in place didn’t work as expected), we recently launched a new website at to help get people to think about their home security proactively.

We built the site to point out the differences between Provident Security and every other provider. The most important of which is the fact that Provident is the only company that guarantees to be at your door within five minutes.

One of the key elements in our ability to provide immediate response is that we own and operate our own central monitoring station in Kerrisdale. Because we monitor our own alarms, we are able to control every single step in our process… from the alarm being tripped in your home all the way through to our response team member arriving at your door within five minutes.

We filmed a few different videos for the site, including the one below which takes you on a quick tour of our 24/7 Kerrisdale Operations Centre… you can view the other clips on the AreYouPayingEnough site…

As stated in the video, we lead regular tours through our Operations Centre and we’d be happy to show you around. The best time to come for a tour is after one of our regular Preventing Burglary seminars. The seminars are held in our Kerrisdale showroom and afterwards we lead a tour through our Operations Centre so that you can see exactly what happens behind the scenes at Provident. The next seminar is on June 22, you can RSVP by clicking here.

If that date doesn’t work for you, please give us a call at 604.664.1087 or just drop by at 2309 West 41st Avenue anytime… we’d be happy to show you around.

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