Congratulations to Angus Reid and the Lions!


As just about everyone knows already, the B.C. Lions won the Grey Cup on Sunday in Winnipeg. What a few people are likely unaware of is that the Lions starting Centre, Angus Reid is one of the original Provident employees… in fact, Angus was with Provident before I even had a name for the company back in 1995. Angus is one of a handful of friends and family that would help me out at all of the high school dances, private parties and Kerrisdale patrols back in the early Provident days.

Angus is now in his sixth year in the CFL and has started in every Lions game for the past four seasons. I know that he must be sad that he cannot spend as much time in a Provident uniform as he used to, but I’m sure that winning the Grey Cup has helped him get over that. At least a little.

Congratulations Angus!

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