Clear as a Bell One Day, Fuzzy and Garbled the Next

Nytlogo379x64The NY Times published a story yesterday (to read the article, you will need to sign up for a free NY Times account) about VoIP services and how inconsistent the call quality can be on an un-facilitated VoIP service such as Vonage. The quality issues discussed in the article are analogous to our concerns about alarm signal transmission over VoIP networks.

As I have discussed in several posts (here, here and here) alarm signal transmission cannot be guaranteed by any VoIP service or alarm provider.

I keep posting about this because we keep getting calls from people who have either made the switch, or are considering the switch, to VoIP and want to ensure that their security is not compromised. For now, the only way to ensure that your alarm system will work is to maintain an analog line or have a cellular (or radio) back-up system installed.

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