CKNW Show This Morning

Here is a link to the full hour of the Bill Good Show this morning where I was on a panel with Joe Wilson from Sonitrol and former Vancouver Police Inspector Dave Jones (now with the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association) discussing burglar alarms and alarm response.

In particular, we talked about what ‘verified’ response means, how burglaries happen as well as some specific tips on how to protect yourself from burglary. Several callers asked questions about the role the Police should (or should not) be playing as well as about our opinions on two-way voice alarms such as those heavily advertised by AlarmForce. A couple people also called to tell their own stories about their experiences with burglary as well as with ADT and other security companies.

Similar to my last time on CKNW, I reiterated my feeling that the only reason that you have an alarm is to generate an immediate response. Any attempt to verify an alarm by calling the premises (whether over the phone or through a speakerphone) only wastes time that ensures that a crook will be long gone by the time Police or Security are dispatched.

I explained that at Provident we do not verify any alarms and dispatch ourselves to attend immediately. If the alarm is the result of a false alarm, it is our clients responsibility to call us and tell us not to respond… otherwise we are on the way assuming that every call is a burglary in process.

The segment starts at the 7:00 minute mark.

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