August 2006 Burglary Statistics

Stat_analysis_august_2006The Vancouver Police have released the August 2006 crime statistics by neighbourhood. The graph to the left compares the individual reported burglary statistics for Kerrisdale (the green line), Dunbar/Southlands (the pink line), Shaughnessy (the black line) and West Point Grey (the red line).

As you can see, the sharpest increase was in Kerrisdale where burglaries rose from 10 reported burglaries in July to 29 in August. Over the past year, not including August 2006, the average has been 14.3 reported burglaries each month in Kerrisdale. The reason for the sharp rise in Kerrisdale was due to an anomoly of 17 commerical burglaries that occured during a two-week period. The details on that mini-crime wave are in this post from September 11th.

Other than that, the other neighourhoods were more or less “typical”. Dunbar/Southlands had 11 reported burglaries in August compared to a 12 month average of 15.3, Shaughnessy and West Point Grey both had 13 in August which is just barely above the average for both neighbourhoods of 12.2 each.

Once the city-wide statistics are released, I will update the graph from previous posts that compares the Westside to the rest of the city.

These neighbourhoods have been selected because they are the neighbourhoods where the majority of our clients reside. If you are interested to see how your neighbourhood compares, let me know.

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