Attempted Burglary Thwarted by Laminated Glass near Granville and 13th Avenue

At a little before 5:00am this morning, thieves attempted to smash through the front glass door of a retail shop near Granville and 13th Avenue. Using what appears to have been a hammer or crowbar, they took at least two hard swipes at the glass. One of the attempts had enough force to take a chunk out of the large wooden door handle, but the glass held.

The glassbreak sensor installed on the ceiling of the store tripped and immediately sounded the siren, as well as sending a direct signal to our response team working in South Granville. We were on the scene within five minutes where one of our responders spoke with a witness who saw a man jumping into a silver car and leaving. We then arranged for the glass to be repaired and cleaned up some of the mess.

As pointed out in previous posts, your security is in your redundancy… it is the multiple levels of security that, once combined, provide real protection against burglary. In this case, it was the combination of the glassbreak detector & laminated glass that made the difference in that they allowed for the alarm to sound, and our response team to get on the way to the store, while the crooks were still standing outside. Without the glassbreak detector, it would have been possible for the thieves to eventually get through the glass had they continued to bash away at it.

Do you have glassbreak sensors installed in each area of your home or business where you have vulnerable glass?

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