another use for public CCTV

UK band ‘The Get Out Clause‘ were looking for a creative way to film their new video… so, rather than doing their own filming, they had the government do it for them, for free.

They set-up in front of more than 80 municipal CCTV cameras (including on a few buses) in Manchester and then, through the Freedom of Information Act, requested the video footage be sent to them.

They then pasted it all together to make a complete video.

This is the first I’ve ever heard of this being done… which is great for The Get Out Clause… but I wonder how many more requests will be coming into the Freedom of Information office now by bands and other groups trying to copy the idea?

I found out about this via Sam Pfeifle’s blog, who got it from Shawn Flaugher (two great security blogs).

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