More than a month off…

It’s been awhile since I posted anything new on this blog… mostly due to a lot of new things happening at Provident that have been keeping me quite busy. I’ll be posting about several of them over the next little while.

However, despite not posting for a few weeks, the traffic to this blog has continued to climb. In fact, over the past 4 weeks, over 30 new people have registered for automatic email notification every time a new post is written (click here to add your name) and the daily visitor count has kept climbing higher.

The steadily increasing traffic is largely due to the popularity of a handful of posts that I wrote last year that have been linked to by many other popular websites and blogs. As a result, more people are finding this blog everyday…. and more than a few, especially the people who have signed up recently, have emailed me asking if the blog is still ‘active’. It is… or at least it will be.

In reviewing the blog statistics to see exactly how people are finding the blog, as well as the referral source, there are several posts that are by far the most popular.

The Top 5 posts are:

  1. Why Millions of Home Alarm Systems are Useless
  2. A Typical Residential Burglary
  3. Five Minute Proofing
  4. Rogers Home Phone vs. Shaw Digital Phone (***UPDATE*** the VoIP concern is no longer an issue if you use BLINK mesh radio); and
  5. our Home Security Tips category.

If you are new to this blog, please check these posts out. If you are interested in having every new post sent to your inbox, please click here.

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