Extra security on West Side streets for Halloween

A Kerrisdale security company has received so many calls from parents worried about the safety of their children tonight, they’re sending out 16 extra patrols, free of charge.

Mike Jagger, president of Provident Security and Event Management, said requests from businesses for extra security at Halloween are common, but the response from parents this year is unusual. He attributes some of that concern to Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on America.

“It’s not like they think there’s going to be a terrorist attack on their house, it’s just the since the day after [Sept. 11], security has been on their minds.”

Jagger said a majority of Provident’s 80 employees will be at work tonight, doing extra patrols of schools, businesses and private residences on bike and in bright yellow Ford Escapes.

“Since most of the little ones will be out with their parents, we’ll be looking out for the older kids between 12 and 15 who will probably be out without parents. We’ll be patrolling a lot of the side streets watching for things like bullying and the stupid use of fire works.”

Jagger said while Provident is already under contract to patrol 10 schools in the area, Arbutus Village Shopping Center and many of the businesses and residences on the West Side, calls continue to pour in.

“Before people would call in and order security after they’ve been broken into. Since Sept. 11. they’ve become a lot more proactive and are calling up before anything happens. Security has become very important.”

Ewen Cameron, a member of the executive of the Kerrisdale Business Improvement Association, said Provident’s community service is welcome.

“It’s not sponsored by the BIA but it’s definitely supported by it. We laud Mike for offering this service, especially these days.”

Cameron agreed parents are particularly worried for their children this Halloween and he hopes the extra security – focusing on activities like vandalism, violence, predatory behaviour and high jinks that go beyond normal fun – will lay some of their fears to rest.

“The extra security should achieve two goals. One is to reassure parents and the community and the other is to protect businesses from vandalism.”

Jagger said his company will be working hard tonight to make sure the West Side is as safe as it gets for kids, residences and businesses.

“It will be the best security available.”

Published October 31, 2001 · The Vancouver Courier · Written by Sandra Thomas

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