Save Time, Money, and Sleep with a Provident Wireless Security System

Protect your construction site with motion activated night vision cameras. Get a Free Site Consultation Today!

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Protect Your Construction Site and Get a Free Consultation Today!

24 Hour Installation

We can often have a complete NightOwl system installed and online within 24 hours. Besides being simple to deploy, Provident NightOwl is also very flexible. NightOwl cameras can be added or removed as your site needs change.

Completely Wireless

Provident NightOwl systems are completely wireless. This means set up is quick and simple and the systems operate without requiring electricity, internet connection, or additional infrastructure.

No Commitment

Give NightOwl monitoring services a try by renting on a week by week basis. There are no extra costs for installation or system removal at the end of your project. There is no simpler or less expensive way to maximize security.


“We have used Provident Security at our home and business since 2007. Not only are they the most responsive and most proactive security company we have ever used, they are among the most innovative. We have used the NightOwl system on several of our construction sites. Provident has always given us great value for money.”

Dwayne Stewart, Provident client since 2007