Vancouver Crime Maps

Here are images of the Vancouver Police residential burglary crime maps for the week of January 17th through 23rd, as well as for the week of the 24th through to the 30th.

The red areas show the geographical ‘hot’ spots where residential burglaries are concentrated for that week.

Comparing the two weeks side by side offers an interesting view of how the ‘hot spots’ in the city move around. When these hot spot maps are combined for a longer period of time, the distribution ends up looking quite even across the city. While the Westside is the property crime ‘leader’ in Vancouver, residential burglaries are a problem in literally every single neighbourhood in the city.

These maps illustrate that most crooks will tend to work an area for a few days, and then move on to another neighbourhood… rather than just hitting the same places over and over again. The worst handful of offenders are responsible for the vast majority of property crime… and are literally walking crime waves who are largely responsible for shaping the moving ‘hot spots’ in the city.



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