Thief tries (unsuccessfully) to break into a Bentley

Click below to watch a clip of a Vancouver thief attempting to break into a Bentley parked in a downtown parking lot.

The video demonstrates a few things…

  1. CCTV is very rarely a deterrent to crime;
  2. the real effort in any theft from auto or burglary is getting in.

Here’s what the car looked like afterwards…


What could have helped catch this crook?

Using video analytics could have helped catch this guy in the act… video analytics allow a camera to act as an intelligent motion detector. In this case, a CCTV system with analytics could have created an alarm by recognizing the suspicious activity of the thief… such as the fact that he walked from car to car, stood too long in one place as well as the fact that he was in the parkade at all during a specific timeframe.

The system could then send an alarm signal, along with a live video feed, that an operator could view in real-time… allowing them to dispatch security and the Police to respond and apprehend the offender.

We’ve got a live demonstration of this technology set-up in our Kerrisdale showroom… give us a call if you’d like to come by and get a demo.

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