May 2006 Burglary Statistics

The VPD just released the May 2006 crime statistics on their
website at

The first two graphs (click on any of the images to get a bigger version) are
extensions of the same charts that I have posted before. The first graph compares the
total number of burglaries on the Westside (the yellow line) as well as the
percentage of total city burglaries that this number represents (the blue
bar). As you can see, the total number of burglaries on the Westside stayed steady
at 236 in May, but as a percentage of all city burglaries dropped to 34% in May, down from 37% in April.

As is the case virtually every month, the Westside still led the city in burglaries in May 2006… compared to the 236 on the Westside, the Eastside had 171, the Downtown Core had 136 and the Northeast had 154.


The second chart below compares the total number of
burglaries by neighbourhood. In May, only Dunbar/Southlands saw an increase in
reported burglaries compared to April (15 in April vs. 16 in May), whereas each
of the other neighbourhoods saw a reasonable drop. In the case of Shaughnessy,
May 2006 was the slowest burglary month in more than two years!


I also have compiled a few neighbourhood specific charts to
show how burglaries are trending during the past 12 months compared to the 12
months prior. The first two charts show the Kerrisdale and Dunbar/Southlands
neighbourhoods. In both cases, the number of burglaries has increased in the
past 12 months.

In the case of Kerrisdale, there were 164 burglaries between
June 2005 and May 2006 compared to 157 during the same period the year before.
For Dunbar, there were 195 burglaries between June 2005
and May 2006 compared to 180 during the corresponding months the year prior.



Over the next few days I will post graphs showing how
Shaughnessy, West Point Grey, Kitsilano and other Westside
neighbourhoods have fared.

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