Unattached safes are not safe…

Images1_2The Vancouver Courier published a story on Friday regarding the recent safe thefts in Kerrisdale. You can read the article by clicking here, or on the Courier logo to the left.

Now that safes have gotten significantly cheaper, and are available not only through locksmiths but at Costco, London Drugs and other retailers, I expect that we will start to see many more safe thefts (assuming people have not had them locked down).

As pointed out in both Monday’s post, and the article, unless your safe is professionally installed… which means either bolted into, or mounted inside, poured concrete… you are increasing your risk of losing your valuable possessions.

In the event that you are looking for a safe that will double as a piece of jewelery itself, and are willing to part with $35,000 for a small one, check out Stockinger‘s selection of luxury safes. Either way though, whether you are spending $139.99 or more than $30K, if the safe is not bolted down and connected to the alarm system, don’t put anything of value in it.

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