Suspicious Vehicle (& occupant) around Westside schools today

The Vancouver Police have received a few calls this morning from concerned parents about a suspicious male hanging around a school playground near Crown and West 23rd. The very basic description matches a few other calls in recent weeks at other schools.

The description is:

  • White, older model Suburban
  • White male, approximately 55 years old
  • reddish/brown hair
  • heavy set

In each case, parents have reported that the male is “staring” at kids… but has not gotten out of his vehicle.

The Police are anxious to get a full license plate number.

We were asked to advise all of our patrol teams to keep a look out for this guy as well as to send this note out to our distribution list in advance of the afternoon pick-up time today.

If you see someone matching this description, please call 911.

You can also reach us at 604.269.9999

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