Shaughnessy burglary

GarbageAt 10:22pm on Wednesday night, thieves used the garbage enclosure to gain access to the backyard of a client who had taken our advice about locking their side and back gates… but left the garage enclosure accessible.

As a result, at least two crooks used the enclosure to get into the yard and then smash through the back glass door in order to commit a quick theft of jewellery from the master bedroom.

As I posted a while ago, this burglary again followed the very typical M.O. of the vast majority of crooks and focused exclusively on the master bedroom and closet.

Please take a few minutes today to look at what you have in your bedside table drawers and closet… are there items that should be in a safety deposit box at the bank? or at least in a better hiding spot?

The loss from this burglary may well have been avoided had glassbreak detectors been installed at the home as the crooks had to break through two glass doors in the mudroom in order to gain access to the main part of the house. Given that there were not any glassbreaks, the first and only zone that we received was the main floor motion detector.

Further, because the alarm was so old (about 12 years old) it uses a very slow language to communicate with our Operations Centre… further reducing the likelihood of our being able to interupt a burglary.

Is it time for an upgrade of your alarm system? If your system is more than 5 years old, give us a call to discuss whether you should be considering upgrading your control panel to a newer model.

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