Shaughnessy Burglars met by onsite Police

Last night at around 9:15pm two would-be burglars got a lot more than they bargained for when they tried to break into a home near 37th & Granville.

As the crooks climbed into the backyard, they tripped a perimeter alarm sensor that alerted the homeowner to their presence. After viewing the crooks in his yard using the outdoor cameras, the homeowner immediately called 911. Luckily, a couple Vancouver Police officers were not too far away and were able to get to the home within just a couple minutes. By the time the crooks smashed a kitchen window in an effort to get inside the home, they were immediately surrounded, taken down and arrested by the waiting Police Officers.

Once the window was smashed, the alarm tripped and our own response team was onsite within five minutes and ended up coordinating the glass repairs later in the evening.

With any luck, these two crooks are the same ones who have been responsible for the recent rash of evening burglaries along Marguerite Street.

As mentioned last week, I have a couple of posts coming up about camera systems and perimeter detection systems. Stay tuned.

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