Provident’s Operations Centre featured in cover story

Spt_april06_pg01In October 2005, we finally went “live”.

After spending the better part of two years researching the latest and greatest technology in central monitoring stations, (research that took me to 21 states and 26 different monitoring stations across the U.S.) we implemented the best of everything into our own 24-hour operations centre. We invested more than $1 million dollars in software, hardware, servers, battery back-ups, generators, as well as training and disaster/contingency planning. This makes us one of very, very few companies in North America that own and operate their own central monitoring station. (Before October, we contracted the services to two separate third party monitoring stations)

Why does this matter to you?

As a service company, first and foremost, we need to ensure that we are doing everything possible to get to your premises as quickly as possible after an alarm signal is received. By now being able to control every step of the alarm transmission process, from your premises to our response teams, we have been able to eliminate several time wasting steps.

Beyond having the most advanced and up-to-date alarm monitoring technology , we are also now able to offer remote video management and recording as well as remote access control management for building access systems.

To ensure that we can operate through an extended power failure or major disaster, we have several layers of internal redundancy as well as real-time back up systems that are maintained at another location, several thousand miles away (in the event that it was impossible to remain in our own building). This ensures that the security of your home or business is in the best possible hands.

Dianne Dobbins is the manager of our Operations Centre (OC). She is certified as a Central Station Trainer… the highest certification available in North America. Dianne has also traveled to other central monitoring stations to learn best practices as well as completed training programs in Tennessee, Mississippi and California within the last year. She has been working incredibly hard to train & manage our 24 hour customer service team. Many clients have already mentioned to me how much they appreciate being able to call in at any time of the day or night and speak directly with one of our customer service team members, rather than having to wait until the next business day.

The new OC was an immense project and we are proud to have been recognized by a national security publication, Security Products & Technology News with a cover story that came out today.

If you would like a tour of the Provident OC to learn exactly how we are monitoring your home or business, send me an email and we’d be happy to show it off.

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