Provident’s False Alarm Procedure


A reminder about how we handle false alarms at Provident…

Should you cause a false alarm:

1. YOU must call Provident at 604.269.9999 and let us know that it is a false alarm and that everything is ok by providing your password. If you don’t know your password, please call us at 604.664.1087 to confirm;

That’s it!

Because we assume that every alarm is real, we will not waste any time by trying to contact you after an alarm signal is received. SIMPLY USING YOUR CODE TO DIS-ARM THE ALARM, WITHOUT CALLING US, WILL NOT CANCEL THE RESPONSE. The only way to cancel an alarm response is to call us at 604.269.9999 and provide your password.

This procedure gives you complete control over billing in that so long as you call us before we are at your doorstep, there is no charge. Conversely, by not wasting any time by assuming that you have made a mistake, this procedure ensures that help is on the way as soon as possible. It also is a key factor in ensuring that all of the steps you have taken to five-minute proof your belongings matter.

Please ensure that your babysitters, nannies and anyone who may be using your system are aware of this procedure. Every month we respond to many alarms that have been caused by a house guest or nanny that was not aware that it was their responsibility to call us to cancel.

This results in a lot of alarm response fees that could have been avoided.

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