Provident featured in Security Magazine


Provident was featured in this month’s Security Sales & Integration Magazine regarding our SAMMY award for best company logo design that we were awarded at the ISC West Security Show in Las Vegas back in April.

Here is a copy of the text from the story….

Provident’s company logo is one way it strives to build name recognition within its community. "We’re very conscious of the brand we’re building," says Jagger, President of Provident Security. "With our bright yellow SUV’s, owl logo and uniforms, it’s clear we have a different philosophy about how a community security company should look and feel."

Jagger says the company is very conscious about maintaining a consistent image. "Our overall strategy is to ensure that whenever we are in front of a client or prospective client, we’re perceived as a unique, community focused company," he says. "Our logo and the way that it’s integrated into every single place possible is a big part of how we present ourselves to our clients and prospects."

Jagger says the company has purposely chosen not to use "fear tactics," but instead promotes a friendly, caring image. "I was impressed with a few of the larger company’s entries that have also made an effort to avoid fear tactics," says Jagger. The company uses a brightly colored, friendly owl logo. This works with kids too. Kids point out the owl on the vehicles and signs, which brings their parents attention to them.

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