Provident on Global News

Global_tv_gang_storyProvident was featured in a Global Newshour story (click on either the link or image to watch) following up on the Vancouver Sun article from Tuesday.

The story talks about the increase in business that has been prompted by the recent gang shootings in the city. As I mentioned, people who call to set up a sales appointment with us mention that they have been meaning to call us for a few months and it was seeing one of our trucks, lawn signs, seeing us in the media or talking to a friend that day that prompted them to finally make the call. These shootings have produced the same effect.

There really isn’t much that anyone can do to prevent or deter motivated people who are trying to kill someone. We do not sell bullet proof vest or armoured vehicles. In fact, we won’t provide alarm monitoring, response or any services to people whom we know to be criminals…. which has resulted in our turning down more than a few opportunities over the years.

We don’t pretend to offer security services that will help prevent these types of incidents from happening.

Unfortunately, I think that the only useful advice for people who are worried about becoming an innocent victim caught in the middle of one of these shootings is to be cognizant of your surroundings. If you see anything or anyone who looks suspicious, call 911.

However, property crime is something that we ARE very effective at dealing with. If these shootings have got you thinking about your security in general… like how to reduce your risk of a burglary, upgrading your alarm system, considering whether or not a CCTV system is right for you, or other issues like that… we can do that. Please get in touch with us.

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