Provident in the Vancouver Sun

Chrome_2D00_logoProvident was featured in a Vancouver Sun story about Google’s announcement today that they are launching their own operating system to compete with Windows.

I was quoted in the article because Provident switched earlier this year from Microsoft Outlook (& Microsoft Office in general) to Google Apps.

Here’s an excerpt from the article… (or you can read the entire story here)

… Vancouver’s Provident Security is one. Founder and CEO Mike Jagger said dropping Microsoft Office in favour of Google apps is saving the company some $60,000 this year in hardware, software and maintenance costs. It is also streamlining applications making them much easier for company employees to use and offering added benefits such ease in uploading videos that can go on a company-only secure site for training and other information purposes.

“We were using Office before and we were using Word, Excel – the big one was the Exchange server and Outlook,” said Jagger. “The original impetus was to move off Outlook.

“Once we started seeing the benefits of having things web-based we started migrating everything over.

“It has had a huge impact. It is so much simpler to administer. “

Jagger said along with the software and server costs, there was significant investment in employee time keeping the old system working and ironing out employees’ problems with it.

“We have really skilled programmers and they were getting harassed to do really basic network stuff, we were wasting time, wasting talent and spending money on things that were just silly,” he said. “This is much better.”…

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