Property Crime in Vancouver

VansunfrontpgThere is an interesting story in today’s Vancouver Sun about some of the measures that people are taking to protect themselves from being victims of property crime.

Here are some links to a few relevant posts that I have written on the topic:

1. Why Millions of Home Alarms are Useless;
2. The Typical Residential Burglary;
3. Your Security is in Your Redundancy;

In my opinion, the most important post is is about how to five minute proof your belongings.

Here is a link to all of the posts on this blog that discuss specific home security tips.

In my experience, property crime… and burglary in particular… is a topic that many people are frightened of and do not really understand. Armed with good information about how these crimes actually occur goes a long way towards ensuring that the security tactics you are thinking of using will offer any value.

Unfortunately, most people feel panicked and make quick decisions the day after they have been victimized… often resulting in poor results. Take the opportunity to learn about what is actually happening in advance of being a victim so that you can make rational decisions that will work for you and your family.

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