No love for Provident in Africa?


The map above shows the location of the last 200 visitors to our blog on Monday and Tuesday of this week. The red dot is the most recent visitor, the green dots are the 10 next most recent and the white ones are the balance of the last 200 visitors.

What was created to be a resource for our clients and neighbours on the Westside of Vancouver has very quickly found its way all over the world. We are amazed by how far and wide this blog is being read.

Courtesy of search engines and referrals from individuals like you, we’ve quickly become a resource for people all over the world. We are receiving emailed questions about home security from every corner of the planet… as well a couple inquiries about whether Provident has offices in either Ohio or Southern California!

Please continue to forward this blog to anyone you think may benefit. And do send me questions or suggestions for posts that you have.

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