Lunchtime ladder theft in Kerrisdale



A client in Kerrisdale is looking for a 30 foot ladder that was stolen from his backyard late last week at 12:22pm.

CCTV images show an older Sikh man coming into his yard, and then driving away in a white pick-up truck.

The theft occurred while the guy trimming the hedge, who rented the ladder that morning in order to reach the top of the hedges, was having his lunch.

The thieves were driving through the alley and obviously noticed the unattended ladder, grabbed it and took off… all in a matter of a couple minutes.

This incident is a good reminder that most theft, including residential burglaries, are crimes of opportunity. Crooks are looking for the simplest, easiest targets. It doesn’t take long to steal a ladder, just like it doesn’t take long to burglarize a home.

Do not make it any easier for crooks by leaving your gates or doors unlocked. If you are trying to ensure that something doesn’t get stolen, you need to five-minute proof it.

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