January 2006 Burglary Statistics

The Vancouver Police divide the city into four districts. As you can see from the map below, the Westside is District 4.


The Westside has consistently been the busiest area in Vancouver for burglaries… in most months registering almost three times as many burglaries as the next closest district.

January 2006 was a very busy month for burglaries on the Westside. During the month, there were a total of 772 reported burglaries in Vancouver, 322 or 42% of them on the Westside (double click on the graph below for a larger version). Over the past two years, the Westside typically represents 39% of total burglaries in the city during any given month. Since then, May 2004 was the lowest month at 33% and May 2005 was the highest at 46%.


In terms of real numbers, the Westside has averaged 293 burglaries per month since January 2004, 174, or 59.5% of which are residential and the balance commercial. That works out to an average of 5.9 residential burglaries per day and 1.4 commercial. However, these averages are based on a seven day week and most residential burglaries occur between Monday and Friday from 11:00am and 4:00pm (when crooks expect that homes will be empty) Commercial burglaries occur seven days a week, typically between 1:00am and 6:00am (when crooks expect businesses to be empty).

The list below shows the total number of reported burglaries during the month of January 2006 broken down by neighbourhood (sorry about the formatting):

West Point Grey 14
Kitsilano 48
Fairview 53
South Cambie 11
Shaughnessy 18
Arbutus Ridge 7
Dunbar/Southlands 9
Kerrisdale 18
Oakridge 16
Riley Park 36
Marpole 24
Mount Pleasant (partial) 5

All of the above statistics are from the Vancouver Police Department.

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