Don’t disarm your alarm too soon!

An incident this morning serves as a great reminder that unless you know exactly why the alarm has tripped (ie. because you caused a false alarm) DO NOT TURN IT OFF!

This morning at around 4:30am, theives smashed through a living room door in Shaughnessy setting off the glassbreak detector. Out of habit, the owner of the home woke up and turned off the alarm, sending an immediate cancel signal for the alarm. As a result, response did not occur until after we spoke directly with the client on the telephone.

Luckily, noone was hurt in the attempted burglary and the crooks took off after the siren started.

Lessons to be learned?

1. Do not disarm your alarm unless you know the cause

2. Call us to discuss setting up a DURESS CODE to be used in the event that you are told to turn off your alarm. Using the duress code will appear to disarm the alarm but will send a silent panic signal to us to let us know that you turned off the alarm under duress and require immediate response.

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