Detection goes on the OUTSIDE…

exterior gates

Your security is in your redundancy… it’s all about having multiple lines of protection and detection in your home or business.

However, in order to get full value from additional security measures that you add to your premises (like folding bars or an exterior gate), you must ensure that you push your detection out as far as possible.

A really common mistake that we see is that a business gets broken into, then rushes out to buy a set of folding gates like the picture to the left. What they neglect to do, is connect the new folding gate to the alarm system

The value of adding an extra line of physical security is to slow a crook down… by adding a wireless alarm contact on the gate, the alarm will trip while the crook is still standing on the sidewalk. Without it, a crook can break the lock on the gate without any detection and move on to the front door behind it, undetected.

Your detection should be outside of your protection.

In most cases, adding a wireless alarm contact costs between $60 and $100… not very expensive, but very important.

Your goal should always be to five minute proof whatever it is you are trying to protect. Watch the video clip below from a recent seminar held in our showroom where I explained several ways to five minute proof your home or business.

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