Condo Security Weaknesses on the Christy Clark Show…

Click here to listen to my recent interview with Christy Clark on CKNW. The interview opens up with Captain Gabe Roder of Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services… and then me at about the 5:05 mark.

Although Captain Roder talked about lockboxes (like the one pictured below)…

I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend against installing a lockbox. If you have one installed in your building now… take it out (or at least the keys inside of it). Lockboxes are very easy to compromise and put your entire building at risk.

During the interview, I was asked by a caller what happens during a power failure and we received a number of questions today at our office about what exactly I meant.

My response to the question of what happens when the power goes out if we are providing remote management service was that “all of the instructions for the system are stored onsite”… which some people thought meant that we leave a binder, or some sort of paper records, onsite which can be read in an emergency. This is not the case.

What I should have said was that… 1) Yes, the system will continue to operate during a power failure; and 2) Yes, we can still remotely connect and control the system remotely. All of our system programming is stored in the actual access control system hardware onsite… which means that although we can control the system remotely, the system is not relying on that connection in order to continue to operate. If required, the system can still be programmed locally… using remote management adds another layer of security (and convenience) to the system, without taking anything away.

Click on the icon below to listen to the show.

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