April 2006 Burglary Statistics

The Vancouver Police recently released the city crime statistics for April 2006.

March was an anomaly in that for the first time in a very long time, the Eastside of the city ‘led’ in reported burglaries. April saw a return to the normal distribution of burglaries with Westside residents being the victims of 236 burglaries, compared to the Eastside’s 160, Downtown core’s 103 and the Northeast’s 132. This means that in April, 37% of all burglaries in the city occured on the Westside. Incidentally, 37% is the average monthly percentage of city burglaries that occur on the Westside since January 2002.

The graph below shows both the actual number of burglaries on the Westside (the line graph) as well as the percentage of the city total that those burglaries represent (the bar graph).


In terms of our own clients, we dealt with one residential burglary and one commercial burglary on the Westside (both on the Easter long weekend) as well as one commercial smash & grab in Gastown. By comparison, in the month of May, we only had to deal with one commercial burglary on Alberni Street downtown.

Here is how reported burglaries are trending in the neighbourhoods where most of our residential clients live.


As I have done in the past, I have put together a chart comparing the police statistics for the month of April by crime category. The distribution below is fairly typical with the Westside leading the city in both burglaries as well as mischief (vandalism, grafitti, etc.)


Here is a link to an image of how the Vancouver Police divide the city into four districts.

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