Another Security Tip for Windows (& sliding glass doors)

In our Operations Centre we are already receiving large numbers of clients bypassing windows, particularly at night. Although this allows for a more comfortable sleep on a warm night, particularly on the second floor of many older Westside homes, it does present a security risk.

If you like to keep your windows open for fresh air during the summer, but are concerned about having to bypass each window (and subsequently reducing the detection capability of your alarm) consider having fresh air magnets installed.

A fresh air magnet is simply a second magnet that we will install in your window frame so that the alarm can read a ‘close’ in two positions… and therefore allow you to arm the system. This way, should someone try to open your window further than you have it set, the alarm will sound and we will be immediately on the way to respond.

To maximize the security of your windows, we strongly recommend some type of secondary physical security such as a window block. Here is a link to a post from a few months ago that explains what a window block is and how to install one.

Ideally, every door and window should be fully secured and locked.

another option….

A few summers ago, I found that we were regularly bypassing all of our upstairs windows at night so that we could sleep. Concerned about the security risk that I was taking in my own home, I looked into getting air conditioning and was surprised to find that it was a lot less expensive than I thought. Because we have a forced air system in our old Kerrisdale home, Kirkland Metal Shop was able to install a new air conditioning system for about $3,500.00 … a lot less than the aggravation and loss that would happen during a typical burglary.

Since then, we have slept a lot better as well as ensured that all of our doors and windows can be kept fully secure, irrespective of how hot it gets.

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