Airport Security Skit from SNL

YouTube Preview Image

I was inspired to look for this clip from Saturday Night Live after a couple recent trips through LAX but could not track it down.

I found it today via Bruce Schneier’s blog.

I’ve always found going through airport security to be quite a frustrating experience. It seems to always be different and the rules get applied in what appears to be a pretty haphazard manner. Shoes have to be taken off at one airport, but not another. If a heavy sweatshirt is being worn over a t-shirt, it needs to come off and go through the x-ray… but it is ok to keep it on if you aren’t wearing anything underneath.

Last week going through San Francisco’s security screeners, I forgot to take out a pen and some change from my pocket… but made it through the metal detector without any problem. I guess they figured I was ok because I took my shoes off.

At least on the positive side, the TSA serves as an inspiration to us on how not to do things.

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