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Creative Uses for your Alarm

Honeywell has a cool plug-in module that allows you to control any device with a standard two-prong plug by pressing a button on your alarm keyfob. In our new house, we do not have nearly as many electrical outlets in each room as we did in our old place, and some of the ones that… Read more »

Provident featured in SP&T News Magazine

Security Products & Technology News (SP&T) just published a story about Provident being named one of the 25 best places to work in B.C. This is the fourth time that we have been featured in a story in SP&T News (here is a link to the most recent three) , which is the trade magazine… Read more »

Provident blog featured on

The Provident blog was featured on the homepage on Friday. (The Provident blog is hosted and powered by Typepad, along with millions of other blogs from around the globe.) Every weekday, Typepad features one blog on their homepage… past ‘featured blogs’ have included some of the most well read (and my own favourite) blogs… Read more »

CCTV is Not a Deterrent

Similar to most burglar alarms, a closed circuit television (CCTV) system in your home or business can offer tremendous security value, but not in the way people think. Most often, when clients call us to inquire about having cameras installed in either their home or business, they want to do so in order to create… Read more »